Bohol Plaza Resort and Restaurant logo

Bohol Plaza Resort & Restaurant has new management

Come to the heavens

A  soothing frisk of thrill awaiting you at the top view

Let the steep hike creep into your nerves as you take the heights

to where a caper must exalt you

that's Bohol Plaza Resort and Restaurant

...a niche teasing your imagination

touch the heavens right here...overlooking like gods and goddesses

right at Bohol Plaza Resort and Restaurant


Grasp the shapes of the clouds as they shift forms before your eyes

as you watch the sun sinks by dusk and rise by dawn

What the sight has to keep?

Across the island, star-like flickers tease your night

...Let Bohol Plaza Resort and Restaurant show you

An experience just for must

...and a dream-lush take off to the trail on the delights of Bohol

at Bohol Plaza Resort and Restaurant,

you will learn what sumptous dining means at the Native Restaurant set off with the live band

plush swimming by the cascades pool

or have a piece of Eden from a different point by the Scenic Elevator

or pamper yourself at the Island Nature Spa

Take pride in partaking history shaping up in conventions preferred at

Dayo Hill Grand Ballroom, Aaron's function, Alexis function

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