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Island Nature's Spa

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Body Massage - Php 280

Room Service - Php 380

Relax with an hour and 15 minutes massage by trained masseurs & masseur guaranted to take your stress away.

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Facial Cleansing - Php 200

Room Service - Php 300

Indulge in a 45 minutes of complete facial cleansing leaving your your skin. Healthy and revitalized with hand and neck massage.

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Body Scrub - Php 450

Relax yourself in 60 minutes exfoliating body scrub with slight back massages leaving your whole body smooth.

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Foot Massage - Php 180

Room Service - Php 220

Sooth your stress away with 45 minutes foot massage with slight hand massage.

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Foot Scrub - Php 220

Room Service - Php 300

1 hour of foot pampering by trained foot therapist to relax dull and tired feet.

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